Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Cards and Journals have arrived!

While there is still some back and forth going on between my designer and Lightning Source, I'm delighted to say that all the cards and Journals have arrived!

As the books will be posted separately anyway, many of these are already winging their way towards contributors.


The cards are 100% recycled stock and have printed up beautifully. They are A6 format and will be packaged with envelopes. The interiors are all blank, so you can fill them with whatever whimsy makes you and the recipient most happy!

The notebooks/journals ended up even fancier than I first planned. They are A5 size with a 300gsm matt finish soft cover and 64 internal pages. Small inked illustrations from the book adorn every few pages.

I'll be setting up an Etsy store very soon, should you want to buy any further notebooks or cards.


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